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Ravings of a Mad Computer Genius
Rev 2 Build 1002 Beta
It's been quite a while since I've posted on LiveJournal, to be sure, but in reality, there's not a ton going on in my life. I'm used to the stupidity I see in the news, and with the world moving from blogs to tweets, I haven't seen much point in even reading on LiveJournal, let alone post anything. That, and our crippling internet here in the boonies makes it almost impossible to do much of anything online. But, it's been long enough that I should at least do a recap of the last few months, just in case anyone out there is still interested.

For starters, let's talk about this blasted internet. It sucks...but there may be some gold at the end of the rainbow. Turns out, someone is building something under some power lines near our house, and while I wish I didn't have to be too vague, I'm not really sure what it is. There's a utility meter out there (like one you'd find on your home), so whatever it is doesn't belong to the power company. They ran some phone line to a local junction box, so watercolorchild and I are hoping it's DSL come to save us with slow speed but fast ping and (near) unlimited downloads. I can almost taste the Netflix! Unfortunately, our telephone (and future DSL?) provider are being douchebags about telling us anything. We call them, we ask them what's available, and they try to sell us Verizon wireless internet. Sure...only $30 MORE for an extra 3 GB of monthly downloads. That sounds reasonable. My ass. The one woman we talked to who gave us hope said she'd ask ...someone (engineers?) about the build in our neighborhood, and that she'd get back with us after 11 AM today. That time came, went, and here I am. Feeling lied to again. It's like dealing with BrightHouse all over again...except this time, maybe without the $40,000+ price tag for internet? We'll see. (By the way, I know something big is being built. There were three cabinets inside a chainlink fence out there Sunday, and tonight there was another utility truck over there. Something's going down...I just wish they'd be open about it.)

Beyond that, I've been doing my job and not much else. Have a few projects on the side burner right now (development of an operating system, an SCI game creator, a couple of Ouya game ideas, a couple of Ren'Py game ideas, and an idea for a Raspberry Pi (or BeagleBone Black) based arcade system, which can either be played on the lap in front of a TV, or bolted to a stand-up system with a simple plug. That one's probably the easiest (minus the construction work), but the least interesting to me.

Overall, I kind of wish something would happen. I wish I could get something with my name on it out there...but I'm starting to think that will never happen.
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So I'm sitting here watching Drew Brees and Shane Vereen throw my fantasy football season into a toilet so clogged it's oozing shit, when watercolorchild's father comes back with his religious friend. No problems here, right? Well, no...I wasn't even paying attention until I heard his friend say this:

So here it is, in this town with all these Christians and religious people, and it's a heathen, a non-religious person who gives me a compressor (for her car).

Well, duh lady. Christians only do good things for rewards, and all of them (I'm sure) already think they're going to heaven. Besides, God helps those who help themselves so fuck you. But, an atheist (that's the correct term, by the way) helps because he/she genuinely wants to help. There's no reward waiting for us after death, so if we help you, we get nothing but the knowledge we helped someone. And that's what helping people is all about.

I swear, every time I hear that surprised attitude like "Oh wow, I never realized non-religious people could be nice or generous" I want to beat them over the head with a shovel. Not to hurt them, but to make sure that fleeting thought never leaves their brains, especially when they see a news story about atheists "attacking" Christmas. Because maybe then, they'd stop and say "now that can't be right...what's really going on here?"

Wishful thinking, I know. But it's what I'd wish for.


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Yes yes, I know. It's been almost a whole year since I've wrriten anything on this account. No, I haven't died, but I also don't have much of a reason either. About every month, I'd think about writing some entry about what's going on in my life, or a commentary on some absolute nonsense I've been reading about (and there's been plenty too), but every time I think I'll go and do something about it, I end up playing some video games or writing code, or even just saying "aww, fuck it" and watching TV or something. That is, until a few days ago.

It was a friends request. Yeah, imagine...people still use LiveJournal, and there are people still actively seeking friends. Yeah, saying I was surprised is an understatement. With the huge upsurge of YouTube video blogs and Facebook ...well, just being Facebook, I figured LiveJournal was just about dead. But no...and wow. And I guess you could get on my case, and ask why didn't I go out and get friends. Well, that's just not my thing. I don't like to impose myself on someone else.

So what's been going on? Well, we bought a house, only to find out all the little problems and lies we were fed about the house and the area, so let's start with that. Yes, it's a massive house. Yes, it's on a massive chunk of land. And yes, it's out in a quiet section of the county. That's, unfortunately, about all the good. The bad, well, just piles up. For starters, the owners of the house left all the old appliances, which we thought was a good thing. Nice washer and dryer, beautiful refridgerator, good dish washer...but then, we found out about the water situation. Iron bacteria. Yep, bacteria in the water that eats the iron in the water, and shits out a slime red goop. Everything that touched water is stained red. The washing machine the original owners left was chunked up, which locked the input valve open so when we went to use it, the door burst open and flooded the laundry room. Oh joy...so we had to buy a new washer and dryer. We nearly had to buy a new dish washer too, but we decided to buy an insanely expensive water treatment plant so we can have clean water. (Sediment filter, chlorine bath to kill the bacteria, electrolysis or something filter to get rid of the chlorine taste, and water softener to get rid of the iron in the water.) So, that's it, right? Wrong...let's talk about internet.

The internet. Some see it as a luxury, something no one really needs, but it's nice to have. Well, I'll tell you, it's becoming more of a neccesity these days than every before. But before we bought the house, I checked the area. Bright House said they serviced the entire area, and the FCC said AT&T and CenturyLink were also options. Cool...until we went to hook up service.

Bright House: Oh no, we don't cover *that* far out. You're over a mile from the cable. We'll hook you up, if you pay us $49,000.
CenturyLink: Nope, we don't service you. We won't even discuss expanding our service, or hooking you up at all.
AT&T: We have service everywhere in Florida. ...Oh wait, not your city.

So, ummm...what do we do? We ended up getting satellite internet because, well, that's all that's offered. It's better than dial up, or so they say. And I guess, for streaming video, it is better. But with lag of over 1 second per internet request, browsing the web is beyond frustrating. And if we could stream video, it wouldn't be a problem, but they cap you on your data. In fairness, most ISPs do, but they usually cap you at a few hundred gigabytes. Satellite...15 GB. FIFTEEN GIGABYTES! They even have the audacity to have a "usage suggestion" on their site where they say you can watch movies online with their service. Sure...except that a single movie streamed online consumes around 2 GB in standard definition. Do the math, and that's less than 8 movies a month. This is from a guy who was streaming 15 movies a WEEK back on cable. That's made even worse when they send you an alert if you're about to go over your limit. Rather than saying "hey, you've used x% of your available bandwidth" and have that be the end of it, they actually say, in their emails, "WOAH THERE!! You need to slow down your usage as you're about to go over your limit." Excuse me?! I pay you people well more than this service is worth for 15 GB, and I will use ever damn bit of it if I want! Of course, they don't want you to use it because it costs them more money. *sigh* I could rant about this all night, but this is just a catching up post, so let me get on with it.

All of this gets couple with the fact that watercolorchild's mother is still living with us, technically. She spends about 25% of her time in Georgia, rather than fixing her own situation, but since watercolorchild can read this, I don't really want to get too in depth there. A lot of it isn't her fault, I know. She couldn't have known her nursing license had been "revoked" because she paid for it to be renewed, and like any government agency, they didn't give her the money back. However, I do find it interesting that whenever I get a little bit of money, watercolorchild's mother needs almost exactly what I get. For example, my security depsoit refund was $470; the cost to get her mother's car registered in Florida is about $450. It's a small thing, but it feels like yet another punch in the gut.

Then, she had a serious blood sugar issue. She couldn't remember who she was, where she was, or who any of us were. It was so bad, we had to call for an ambulance. Well, watercolorchild did. I had *just* arrived at work and turned on my computer when I got the call from a crying loved one. So I emailed everyone I wouldn't be in (even though I was actually in), turned everything off, and drove all the way back just in time to follow the ambulance to the house. Yeah, fun times.

There's actually been a ton more, but I think all this depressing talk is making me depressed. Wonder why, normally I like to bitch. On a positive note, at least my fantasy football team is winning. Think I'm going to lose tonight, but I'm 7-2 (which is already better than my 6-7 record last year) and I have the #1 team in the league. So yay, I guess. And, umm....is that all that's good in my life at this point? ...I think I finally understand why some fans get so ravenous about their teams. A win might be the only good thing that happens to them that year.

Reality sucks.

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Dear Russell Stover,


Disgusted by your chocolates


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Have you ever heard something that's just so detestable, you just can't stand it?

RD: "Here's all my kids from school."
RN: "I don't care about these people."
RD: "Remember her?"
RN: "No."
RD: "She was [so and so]..."
RN: "I don't care!"
RD: "That right there is the first bisexual I've ever met. But we're trying to convert her."
RN: "I don't care about these people!!"
RD: "Well, I'm trying to educate you."

Where's my baseball bat! I swear, I'll end this week one way or another!!!

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Romney supporter: I'm moving to Canada!
Obama supporter: Why?
Romney supporter: Because Obama's trying to make nationalized healthcare!
Obama supporter: But Canada already has nationalized healthcare.
Romney supporter: He's trying to raise my taxes!
Obama supporter: Canada already has higher taxes.
Romney supporter: He's going to take away my guns!!!
Obama supporter: Canada already has tougher gun laws than America.
Romney supporter: America hater!! Socialist!
Obama supporter: Says the person who's willing to leave because they didn't get their way, and move to a more socialized country with all the things they hated being brought into their country already implemented.
Romney supporter: ...shut up.

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Oh boy, you know what it's time for? Bitch and rant mode time!

So I'm sure by now, most of you know that I'm a software engineer by day. Most of you also know I went to college (a really good one at that) for a degree in software design. (Well, really computer science, which is a far broader subject than designing software, but anyway...) And most of you also probably know that, before that time, I was self-taught.

And I have to say, it's almost funny to hear self-taughters talk. "Oh my God, this piece of software is a hunk of crap! *I* could write better software than this company!" Well, sorry to break your bubble, but you're wrong. It's painful to say, and painful to hear, but it's the truth. And here's why:

First of all, if you're self-taught, then you're self-motivated. That's good, except you're probably not really interested in learning foundations of programming, or abstract theory, or optimization. You're really only interested in getting something pretty on the screen, and how you do it doesn't much matter to you. This will always lead you to a point where you have great skills in certain areas, but such a rocky foundation that anything you build will become a roiling, painful hunk of crap the longer you write on it and maintain it. True story.

Secondly, you're self-taught. That means you're not a professional, and thus you don't do it every day. If you ARE a professional, then you have every right to say "I'm a professional." Then again, if you say that, the audacity of your statement is quite muted. "I'm a professional programmer and I could do better!" "Well, duh...you're professional right?" See what I mean? You wear "self-taught" like it's a badge of honor, but really it's just a badge that you might (most likely are) missing huge chunks of knowledge.

Thirdly, shut up. I'm sure by now, there are dozens of online h4xx0rz3z out there that I've just pissed off, but too bad. You want the right to be taken seriously? Make something serious, or make something serious out of yourselves. And no, an animated flash game of Angelina Jolie getting anally plugged by a giant black dildo doesn't count as something "serious."

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Okay, so I'm playing Madden 13 and we're losing. Badly. With less than 2 minutes to go, my team (the Seahawks) manages to bring the game to 20-10. Then, a quick possession later, and we bring the game to 20-17 with less than a minute to go. We kick an onside kick, cleverly hidden by Madden's super-sim career mode, and it says we recover. Awesome...a chance to win!

Oh, wait, what? How does Matthew Stafford, quarterback for the Lions, have the ball? I'm the QB for the Seahawks, and we recovered right?

Fuck you, lying assholes at EA Sports. Madden 13 still cheats folks, and I for one am getting sick of it.

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Teen dies at football practice

Have you ever been reading an article like this one, thinking to yourself, "Wow, that sucks," only to later here someone say "It really makes you lucky." And if you're like me' that typical response has only one valid response. RAGE!!

First, let me say that dying, especially at such a young age, is a tragedy. I'm saying or suggesting it isn't. But let's be real, folks. Should a 97 year-old, homeless, starving man freezing on the ice-covered streets of New York in the winter really feel LUCKY because a 13 year-old ice-skating daughter of an affluent family died in a car wreck because daddy's shiny new BMW was just too fast for him? Again, I'm not saying this boy shares much in common with my hypothetical ice-skater, but I'm willing to bet he had a better life and a brighter future than most of America's homeless. And to even suggest that I should feel lucky, no matter who I am or what's happened in my life, is well beyond insensitive. A child dying does not trump years of agony, torture, or starvation.

All that said, this was a tragedy.

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There's nothing "fun size" about 2 inches.

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